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DEFAMATION at Diagonale 2009 - Festival of the Austrian Film in Graz - 19.03.2009, 6:30 pm, Annenhof UCI 8 - 21.03.2009, 11:00 am, Annenhof UCI 7

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Mischa Krausz wrote and produced the score for the documentary Defamation by Yoav Shamir (premiere in February at the Berlinale 09). It is a co-production of four countries (SF – Film Production Copenhagen, Reveal Productions Inc. Los Angeles, Cinephil Tel Aviv, Knut.Ogris.Films  Vienna). It deals with the phenomenon and the world wide fight against Anti-Semitism from the point of view of an Israeli citizen.

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19.03., 6:30 pm, Annenhof UCI 8, 21.03., 11:00 am, Annenhof UCI 7
THESSALONIKI: 11th Documentary Festival "Images of the 21st Century"
13.– 22.03.2009

OSLO: 8th "Eurodok" European Documentary Film Festival
18.– 22.03.2009

BUENOS AIRES: 11° Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente
25.03.– 05.04.2009

NEW YORK: Tribeca Film Festival
22.04.– 03.05.2009

TORONTO: 16th "Hot Docs"Canadian International Documentary Festival
30.04.– 10.05.2009

SAN FRANCISCO: 29th Jewish Film Festival
23.07.– 10.08.2009

MELBOURNE: 58th International Film Festival
24.07.– 09.08.2009

LONDON: 53rd Film Festival
14.– 29.10.2009

Erwin Steinhauer  ... click to listen to the score

Der Täter by Michael Kreihsl

Writing and producing the score for the TV-movie "Der Täter" is now finished. Main actors are Erwin Steinhauer and Mercedes Echerer. Producing company: Dor-Film GmbH, Kurt Stocker & Danny Krausz

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was born on Oct. 2nd 1954 in Carynthia/Austria and raised in Vienna. Studies of the Violoncello at the age of ten, studies of electric bass at the Vienna Conservatory of Music, completion of the Vienna Conservatory of Music with a degree. Studies of Orchestration at the Berklee College of Music, working as a bass player. Writing arrangements and producing music for Jazz and Pop projects for his own label m.krausz records - Recording/Mixing/Mastering is completed with priority at his own Studio Bartberg
Core business though is working as a composer, writing scores for TV and Cinema as well as composing and arranging music for Theater plays.

In December 2008 Mischa Krausz founded the publishing company Edition Studio Bartberg. From now on his work will be published through Edition Studio Bartberg. [ CONTACT ]

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